Thursday, June 17, 2010

Method Coach


Become a KITEs Method Coach - $1199 includes the Method ALL Kite and the KITEs Method E-course.

20 hour Coaches Course on Kite Beach, Dominican Republic complete with the ALL KITE - $1199. Contact us to reserve your space. 

The  KITEs Method Coaches Course has evolved. We now have the entire Method online in Text and Video. Most importantly, the course includes the Method ALL Kite. Guaranteed to give you more range with less gear  for your school.  We Guarantee that you can do twice as many lessons with half the gear! One Kite becomes Six Kites with the Method ALL Bar.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Method ALL Kite Now Available

Factory fresh Method ALL Kites are available for sale. Click here to get yours. The ALL Kite Complete with Bar, Lines and E-course $999.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Kite Quiver

Interview with John Holzhall, author of the KITEs Method, developer of the "One Kite Quiver".
To order your Method ALL Kite, contact us.  The ALL Kite comes complete with Bar, ALL Lines, Kite and Method E-course.

Q. When some one says he has a one kite quiver, what is the test?
A. Got to be able to ride it on a windy day, come in and teach a beginner (comfortably-no tea bagging) on it.

Q. So you were able to do this?
A. Yes, with out a doubt. I ride a 12 meter kite, the same ones I teach with.

Q. So you teach beginners on 12meter kites in windy conditions.
A. I do...and Method Certified Coaches do, but with this said, it would be a disaster if IKO or other groups tried to do it.

Q. Why?
A. They don't understand "Kite Power" . Method Coaches know how to make a kite "pull harder for longer" and "pull less for a shorter time"'s in the Book!

Q. Explain
A. First you have to understand the "physics" behind "Kite Power", then you have to understand the basics of teaching...then it's easy!

Q. What are the basics of teaching kiteboarding?
A. Kiteboarders "park and edge", good kite boarders don't tea bag down wind.

Q. So you teach students to "park and edge" as opposed to "tea bagging" down wind"?
A. Exactly

Q. Are the kites available now?
A. Yes...we had two generations of proto-types and now we are in production.

Q. How does someone order.
A. Just contact us at - 809-849-2147 - SKYPE kbcmaui